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The Change Makers Podcast

Jan 14, 2020

On this episode of The Change Makers Podcast, Ellen lets you in on a very interesting conversation with experienced marketing pro, and innovative ministry leader, Andy Lubinsky. Andy is VP of Ministry Advancement at Bible League Canada. Andy is deeply passionate about ministry, marketing and what these things look like for the next generation. In this episode, Ellen and Andy discuss the value of humility, moving from corporate Canada to ministry, the importance of the accountability, collaboration and innovation necessary for change, and the importance of mentorship.


About Andy Lubinsky

Andy Lubinsky is an innovative strategic planning and marketing leader with a passion for team building and creative problem-solving. Any accepted the Lord at an early age and has been led to follow Jesus in a lifelong personal mission of “helping people do what they do better.” His work record in management and meeting facilitation covers Christian ministry and several industries. He has been working in Christian ministry since 2009 after over 25 years in the business world.